Introducing our people

Based across our locations in Windermere and Warrington our team is passionate about the service it provides and ensuring the best possible client and customer care. We pride ourselves on selecting brilliant people who believe deeply in our values and invest in them with excellent training, coaching and leadership development.

To achieve this we work closely with a range of expert coaches, leadership development organisations and higher education institutes. Our people continually develop personally and professionally, and are trained in key areas for our clients, such as reflective listening, mental health and dementia awareness.

Professional advancement is important to us, with many team members progressing through the organisation in to management or leadership roles. To ensure all our services remain truly person centred all team members including our CEO routinely speak to end-customers of our services, for example the older people we have contact with.

Housing Proactive people are Passionate, Progressive, Caring, Reliable and Knowledgeable. There is an employee well-being forum which is driven by a team members which feeds in to leadership decision making and our people development strategy. Our people also organise diverse social activities to create a fun and inclusive workplace.

Some of our people

James Batchelor

CEO and Founder

James is our CEO, an experienced company founder and inventor who created the OKEachDay Platform knowing that by increasing contact with people we can better understand their changing needs. James enjoys passionate (intense!) debates and loves talking about ideas, technology and leadership. Make contact if you'd like to join him in a trendy coffee shop or on a lakeland walk to do exactly that.

Adrian Cross

Chief Operations Officer

Adrian leads our operational teams to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our clients and are continually developing our people. With over 17 years in senior leadership roles, he has lead the creation, development and growth of industry leading contact centres for business in the UK and overseas. In his spare time, Adrian loves a run in the fells, so if you fancy a run let him know!

Martin Cutbill

Chief Business Development Officer

Martin is a board director and our Chief Business Development Officer, with responsibility for business development, marketing, and the expansion of the organisation's services into new markets. Martin can provide you with some good routes, or lead a ride, if you fancy cycling in the Lake District, Peak District or the Cheshire plains.

Neil Jurd

Director and Leadership Coach

Neil is a director of and helps us with leadership strategy. Neil is an expert in leadership and team development, and was formerly an army officer, seeing service in Sierra Leone, Iraq, Yemen and the former Yugoslavia. Neil enjoys long and often fairly unpleasant winter ski tours across Norway. If you want someone to help you plan a gruelling adventure or endurance event, Neil's your man.

Phil Powell

Chief Technology Officer

Phil leads our talented technical team, and is responsible for ensuring our innovative technology is always in peak condition. Phil has been a creative innovator for over twenty years, has been nominated for a BAFTA and is a member of the RSA fellowship. Phil is also one half of an electronic musical duo and gigs throughout Europe. If you’d like to know more about the live music scene around the Lakes, Phil will be able to sound you out.

Lynsey Hartley

People and Business Support Manager

Lynsey is CIPD (HR) Level 7 qualified, and brings with her over 10 years experience within the HR field. She has recently been working extensively with all our team members to create our company values. Over the last few years Lynsey has been renovating a house, so has spent a lot of time mixing cement and wielding tools! For DIY pointers and tips for your next Grand Design, Lynsey will have the answers.

Claire Palmer

Marketing Manager

Claire is responsible for developing and implementing marketing activity. With over 10 years' marketing experience across a range of industries, she has worked closely with numerous public sector organisations, in particular the NHS, to help create customer focused marketing initiatives. Claire sings (a lot), if you are looking to arrange an open mic night in the Lakes, she'd love to help out.

Ben Lambert

Head of Client Relations

Ben has more than 10 years’ experience developing and fostering positive client relationships, and is now responsible for client growth and ensuring excellent client satisfaction across all our services. He’s lived and worked across 3 continents so is well accustomed to travelling the country meeting with clients. If you’re looking for your next challenge give him a shout – though be careful, he might suggest running a marathon or climbing a volcano!

Fleur Stanton

Technical Operations Manager

Fleur is focused on working closely with our Client Relationship team to bring service evolution to life. With a degree in Forensic Science and an eye for detail, she is perfectly placed to investigate and analyse our data and processes to meet the needs of our customers and clients. If you are having a weekend in Cumbria then, in addition to all the well known Lakeland activities you can undertake, Fleur can introduce you to rugby.

Pam Wearing

Financial Controller

With over 17 years of experience in finance behind her numbers are definitely her thing! With an eye for spotting an 'out penny' nothing gets past Pam! Outside of work Pam can be often found driving a tractor or doing lots of other exciting jobs on the family farm. To find out more about the joys of farming in Cumbria, Pam is your lady.

Jo Webb

Specialist Project Manager

With a degree in Commercial Art, Jo is an experienced designer and project manager and has been an integral part of the company since its inception. Her involvement has encompassed many aspects of the business including operations, finance, recruitment, design. Jo is a keen walker and cafe enthusiast, and will be able to tell you the best place to get cake in the Lakes.