daily contact

We actively seek to make contact with you everyday.

stay independent

Daily contact in a way which is convenient to you.

friendly people

A highly experienced team there for you 365 days a year.

feel safe and protected

If contact isn’t made with you, we will let someone know.

Introducing Clever Contact

Do you live on your own? Do you have family who worry about you? Perhaps you have just come out of hospital? Perhaps you are unwell and would like some extra support? If so, you are not alone. Clever Contact was developed to help people just like you feel safe and stay independent.

Clever Contact is the only service which makes sure daily contact is maintained with you 365 days a year. You receive a phone with our OKEachDay button that you simply press to make contact with us and get on with your day. If we can’t establish contact, you’ll get a call from our friendly team at a time chosen by you. You can also set up wake up calls and reminders to attend hospital appointments or take medication – even that it’s a family members birthday!


how does it work?

  • You will be sent a special phone which works on your landline. You press our OKEachDay button once or twice a day in your own time. It’s free to press, only takes a second and you can then get on with your day.
  • Otherwise you will receive a friendly call from us at the times you have chosen or soon after to ask how you are, for example at 9am, or 8am and 10pm.
  • To protect your independence you may also get an automated call a few minutes before your chosen time as a reminder to press the OKEachDay button.
  • If after several attempts we can’t establish contact with you, we will phone your nominated friends and family members simply to let them know.
  • You can call us for free 365 days a year – to talk, let us know you need a holiday from the service, change any preferences or to set up a wake up call or reminder.

Daily contact vs pendant alarm systems

Not everyone likes wearing a pendant alarm – and many forget to wear them.

Many telecare services also work on the basis that ‘no news, is good news’. Sometimes it just isn’t.

Our service does not require anything to be worn and can do so much more, such as medication or appointment reminders, wake up calls and, if you are a resident with a housing provider, you will also receive important information from housing staff.

Did you know…

It is thought that an overwhelming majority of people who have a pendant alarm do not wear them every day and only a relatively small number of people actually use them in a real emergency, making their benefits minimal for many people.


Phone Features

Easy to use – simply plug in

The phone plugs in to your phone line and will work even in the event of power cuts.

Works alongside your existing phone

It works on your own phone line and you can use it to make and receive calls as normal. Works alongside your existing phone.

No landline? Alternative device provided

A special OKEachDay device is provided to anyone who does not have a landline.


Payment Options

From £3.50 a week

This includes your brand new OKEachDay telephone, which is guaranteed for as long as you use our Clever Contact service.

Phone deposit:


(exc. VAT) for phone

Monthly Fee


(exc. VAT) + 1 month free

Annual Fee:


(exc VAT) - includes 2 months free i.e. covers 12 months

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