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Improves Fire Safety & Emergency Response Contact

Who created Housing Proactive®?

Part of an established company with amazing people based in Windermere that develops award winning services and ingenious technology that truly makes a difference to the lives of thousands of people.


Our story so far

Housing Proactive® is part of an established technology company called Alertacall® which was founded in 2004 by our Chief Executive James Batchelor – a technology expert who invented systems for communicating with his own grandmother who was called Eveline and is pictured here.

Those systems now help many leading housing providers to efficiently manage their properties by improving the quality and frequency of housing related contact for thousands of people around the UK.

Our people

Alertacall® has grown to have an experienced and passionate management team and truly brilliant staff who benefit from extensive training and leadership coaching. The company continues to create and invest in outstanding new technology and is ISO 9001 accredited. To find out more about Alertacall® please visit